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Zodiac Coffee - Pisces

Zodiac Coffee - Pisces

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The Mystic Blend for Pisces:

Light-Medium Blend
Light blend with walnuts, mild apple, slight raisin and toffee notes
Mild fruity hints with every taste
Perfect for your daily Breakfast Blend

From South America
Grown at high Mountain elevations of 7,000 and above
100% Arabica Coffee

Pisces and why it is a Match:

The Pisces is spending their morning with this breakfast blend, doing their morning ritual. This may be their spiritual journey or just yoga, but it is why they are alive.
Their coffee is the fuel they need to pursue their soul's desire!
Pisces will really go deep to discover themselves and their journey is very important. This blend accompanies their big dream perfectly!

How it is Delivered:

Comes in a 12 oz. black stand up bag with degassing valve to ensure freshness!
Roast fresh to order
Get whole bean or coarse grind option
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