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Zodiac Coffee - Leo

Zodiac Coffee - Leo

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The Leader’s Blend for Leo:

Dark Roast
Heavy Body Coffee Flavor
Extra Dark Oily Roast
An Italian Roast

A Blend of coffee beans from Central America
Grown at elevations of 4,000-5,000 feet in areas
Acidity is almost non existent

Leo and why it is a Match:

Leos are the leaders of the pack! The Lion will naturally lead, so they are up earlier than you and need a one two punch for their cup of coffee! This blend compliments the Leader perfectly!
Bold and charismatic just like the Leo
The Leo will come bringing sunshine to your world! So will this coffee when you smell it brewing in the morning!

How it is Delivered:

Comes in a 12 oz. black stand up bag with degassing valve to ensure freshness!
Roast fresh to order
Get whole bean or standard grind option

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