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Zodiac Coffee - Capricorn

Zodiac Coffee - Capricorn

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The Professional Blend for Capricorn:

Medium Roast
Nutty, sweet chocolate, with finishing notes of citrus
Consistent and Smooth!
Perfect everyday coffee

Central and South American coffee beans blended to perfection
Beans grown in elevations of 6,000 and above
100% Arabica Coffee

Capricorn and why it is a Match:

The Capricorn loves their coffee to be dependable.
This is a reliable daily blend! We have got it. This is comparable to a House blend, medium roast with a mild, smooth flavor.
Capricorns are sipping their morning coffee while preparing for their day at the office. Hard working and ambitious, they require a blend that can satisfy on their way to work.

How it is Delivered:

Comes in a 12 oz. black stand up bag with degassing valve to ensure freshness!
Roast fresh to order
Get whole bean or standard grind option

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