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Zodiac Coffee - Cancer

Zodiac Coffee - Cancer

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The Moon Blend for Cancer:

Medium-Dark Roast
Lovely Herbal notes with every sip
Herbal notes are evened out with tobacco
Lovely, consistent flavors make this the perfect blend

Southeast Asia Blend
Elevation of 3,300 feet in Laos
Heavy Body Coffee

Cancer and why it is a Match:

Cancer loves to make sure everyone is taken care of, but they need a warm cup of coffee for themselves in the morning to prepare for their daily goals.
This beautiful blend from Asia is just what they need.
The Zodiac sign Cancer loves by the Moon, but needs to take time each day to focus on themselves.
They are loving and caring people that are always worried about others vs themselves.

How it is Delivered:

Comes in a 12 oz. black stand up bag with degassing valve to ensure freshness!
Roast fresh to order
Get whole bean or standard grind option
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