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Shower Affirmation Cards

Shower Affirmation Cards

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Elevate your shower time into a transformative self-care ritual with our Shower Affirmation Cards. Each set includes 20 powerful affirmations, giving you a fresh dose of inspiration for every new day and week. Choose the affirmation that resonates with you at the moment or let the universe guide your selection.

These cards cling effortlessly to moist shower or tub walls, without the need for adhesive and without any worry of bleeding colors. They come packaged in a waterproof resealable frosted bag, ensuring their durability and protection.

Take your pick from three different decks to suit your specific needs:

The Original Affirmation Deck is a treasure trove of phrases that will guide you towards finding joy, optimism, love, and success in each and every day.

The Self-Love Affirmation Deck is brimming with phrases that focus on appreciating the amazing person you are and owning the light you bring into the world.

The Abundance Affirmation Deck is a powerful tool for manifesting abundance and success. It helps you visualize your financial goals and cultivate a wealthy mindset, surrounding yourself with prosperity.

Embrace the power of spoken words by reciting your chosen mantra aloud and holding it close to your heart. Allow these affirmations to center your mind, align your intentions, and set the tone for a fulfilling day ahead. Make the most of your sacred shower time and let the positive energy flow.

Made in the USA

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