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Lunar Front Toggle Necklace - Cancer + Emerald

Lunar Front Toggle Necklace - Cancer + Emerald

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Introducing our dazzling gold-finished necklace, complete with an effortless toggle closure for a flawless fit every time. This timeless gem is your ticket to an effortlessly eye-catching look!

For the cosmic adventurers and starry-eyed souls, it's a fun way to express your zodiac love. But hey, even if you're not checking your horoscope daily, you'll still be smitten by its enduring charm.

Cancer Tenacious, Imaginative, Persuasive (June 21 - July 22)

Meet Cancer, the zodiac's soft-hearted warrior symbolized by the crab, which boasts a tough exterior but houses an incredibly tender interior. Cancers are renowned for their deep emotional connection, a gift that nurtures their intuition and makes them incredibly perceptive.

Product Details:

  • 14k Gold Plated Brass
  • 18" of Radiance
  • Toggle-Style Clasp
  • Adorned with Genuine Emerald

So, adorn this Cancer-inspired necklace and infuse your style with a dose of tenacity and a dash of imagination. It's the cosmic spark that your wardrobe's been secretly craving!

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