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Living the Signs Journal/Workbook - Taurus

Living the Signs Journal/Workbook - Taurus

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Living the Signs: Taurus is the second in a series of workbooks created to help you connect with the archetypal wisdom of each sign in astrology. The title of the series is Living the Signs: Astrology for Radiant Embodiment.

Astrology is a language that helps us talk to ourselves more lovingly, compassionately, and thus effectively. The language of astrology encourages us to awaken and remember what is wondrous, glorious, funny, poignant, and heroic about our human experience. When we Live the Signs, as I like to say, we shake life into all the facets of who we are here to be. We come home to who we are on a spirit level.

At 130 pages, with a good third reserved for your own goal-setting and self-inquiry, this Taurus astrology workbook will be your handbook for awakening the part of you that is Taurus: The Divine Feminine, The Builder, The Gardener, The Dependable One, The Gatherer, and The Cultivator.

In Case of Emergence is the self-publishing project of transformational astrologer Britten LaRue. Founder of Emergence Astrology, Britten created these workbooks for her clients and students, not so they could be told what to do or given answers, but to see their own wisdom reflected back to them. In Case of Emergence honors Venus by insisting that aesthetics matter in every part of life. Designed by Britten's client and student Angela George, every page is a delight to the eyes and your hands. Each workbook is a treasure to inspire your mind, nourish your heart, and enchant your spirit with ancient symbols for a modern world. While these are not meant to be "birthday books," they happen to make extraordinary gifts.

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