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Ultimate Self Care Gift Set - Capricorn

Ultimate Self Care Gift Set - Capricorn

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Gift yourself or loved one with a loving, relaxing, uplifting, personalized experience!

Gift Box includes:

  • Little Book of Self Care for Capricorn
  • Botanical Crystal Capricorn Candle (11 oz Hand Poured Soy)
  • Capricorn Luxury Tea (Lucky Dragon Green Tea)
  • Money Maker Bath Bomb (5 oz)
  • Capricorn Energy Essence Spa Face Mask
  • Capricorn Body Veil Lotion (3 oz)
  • Capricorn Hair Perfume Serum (1 oz)
  • Capricorn Hand Detox Sanitizer (3 oz)
  • Rainbow Rose Sage
  • Box of Matches

The candle is scented with Luxe Noir, a sweet and sultry fusion of mandarin, jasmine, and rich amber with undertones of sandalwood and musk to bring out the earthy, sensual side of Capricorns and encourage stability. It is topped with Garnet stones, rose petals, rosemary, & amaranth flower. Garnet is an all around protection stone & helps get projects under way and provides fortitude and courage. Rosemary is used in purification and protection rituals. It is believed to attract love, positivity and peace. Roses are associated with psychic abilities and luck as well as self love and confidence. Amaranth flower is a symbol of immortality because it retains its freshness for a long time after being picked.

Capricorns can often proceed with caution, discipline and a good dose of pessimism. Our Lucky Dragon Green Tea provides that good luck charm for any Capricorn to feel confident with their day. This green tea unfurls and dances in the hot water as it steeps, helping an already meditative and wise mind connect deeper to the unknown.
Ingredients: Green tea

The Money Maker Bomb smells amazing & invites a whole new level of luxury in, containing rich soy milk, honey & oatmeal with nuances of creamy French vanilla & almond.

The Capricorn Energy Essence Spa Face Mask contains:
Matcha Green Tea: A traditional ingredient (for the tradition-loving Capricorn) with multiple skin benefits.
Bergamot Oil: Aromatherapy promoting relaxation for the naturally disciplined and in-control Capricorn.
Dark Chocolate: Help diminishes the appearance of tired skin from productive and busy days.

Zodica Perfumery's Capricorn Body Veil Moisturizing Lotion scent empowers with a grounding herbal bouquet. The cool citrus mirrors the iciness of this sign's winter season. Set a path to success with this earth sign's unwavering vibe.
Intention: Hustle
Top: Japanese Yuzu, White Tea
Middle: Green Sage, Lavender
Bottom: Clean Musk
Leaves skin silky smooth with a barely-there finish. Includes Organic Aloe Vera, Vitamins (A,D,E), Sweet Almond Oil.
The Hair Perfume Serum adds shine & scent that lasts all-day. Contains 100% Pure Argan Oil.
Hand Detox is a pampering alternative to the ordinary hand sanitizer - infused with Capricorn scent, Aloe, Pro-vitamin B-5, & Vitamin E.

Sage when burned is associated with giving wisdom, clarity, and increasing spiritual awareness. Combined with the energetic blessings of real rose petals to invoke love, happiness & new beginnings, this smudge stick will gently clear away any lower vibrations & restore you to your intrinsic bad bitch nature!

This gift set will literally indulge, cleanse, soothe & empower the receiver's mind, body, & soul, while giving her that edge that only comes from self love!
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