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Crystal Magic Crystal Infused Gift Set - Capricorn

Crystal Magic Crystal Infused Gift Set - Capricorn

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Gift yourself or loved one with the divine, uplifting, personalized power of crystals!

Gift Box includes:

  • Capricorn Crystal Set (Smoky Quartz, Moss Agate, Hematite, Sodalite)
  • Capricorn + Malachite Crystal Infused Perfume (22 ml)
  • Capricorn + Garnet Crystal Infused Nail Polish (15 ml)
  • Aventurine Prosperity Pen-ergy Crystal Power Pen
  • Botanical Crystal Capricorn Candle (11 oz Hand Poured Soy)
  • Moon Bath Crystal Bath Bomb
  • Box of Matches

As a master of self control with relentless dedication, she not only has the ability to move mountains, but also traverse their highest peaks. Never shirking away from responsibility or duty, she will tackle even the most insurmountable obstacles with patience and a pickaxe. No shortcuts here. Underestimate her willpower and you will have made a formidable adversary -- she will beat most signs in a battle of attrition. Sure footed in every decision she makes, the desire to climb is natural, because for her, there is nowhere to go but up. She is CAPRICORN.

Enhance your divine Capricorn essence with this beautiful 8 pack of:

  • 2 smoky quartz
  • 2 moss agate
  • 2 hematite
  • & 2 sodalites

Each stone is labeled/identified with the intention: practical -ambitious -disciplined -humorous -trustworthy -dependable -loyal -responsible... true bad bitch qualities!

Zodica Perfumery Capricorn zodiac perfume empowers with a grounding herbal bouquet. The cool citrus mirrors the iciness of this sign's winter season. Set a path to success with this earth sign's unwavering vibe.
Intention: HUSTLE
Top: Japanese Yuzu, White Tea
Middle: Green Sage, Lavender
Bottom: Clean Musk
Crystal infused with Malachite, used through the ages to help breakthrough perceived limitations.

Nothing says classic and practical better than a dark oxblood nail polish you can wear year round. With rich maroon undertones, this shade can appear almost black, depending on how many coats you apply. Earthy, determined, and sophisticated, any Capricorn will be sure to like this shade. This crystal-infused polish is formulated with Garnet, a stone of regeneration that hardworking Capricorns will surely need, given how many hours they spend perfecting their craft! Garnet's balancing nature also helps Capricorn to not overwork themselves, and to see what areas of their life might need more attention or where energy is better spent.
☾ Contains micronized Garnet
☾ 5-free (no Formaldehyde/Resin, Toluene, DBP & Camphor)
☾ Vegan, cruelty free, made in the USA

Seeking to capture the natural beauty and power of crystals, PEN-ERGY CRYSTAL POWER PENS are filled with small, polished, natural crystals set with positive energy. These healing stones can be used to enhance all aspects of your life, as well as your writing.
Aventurine is a stone of manifesting prosperity and wealth. Think "opportunity" with this stone. Affiliated with the heart chakra, Aventurine brings opportunity with love. A stone of optimism, and possibility, Aventurine brings understanding and optimism, and possibility while protecting and guiding the heart. It brings together the emotional and intellectual and encourages perseverance in maneuvering life's obstacles.

The candle is scented with Luxe Noir, a sweet and sultry fusion of mandarin, jasmine, and rich amber with undertones of sandalwood and musk to bring out the earthy, sensual side of Capricorns and encourage stability. It is topped with Garnet stones, rose petals, rosemary, & amaranth flower. Garnet is an all around protection stone & helps get projects under way and provides fortitude and courage. Rosemary is used in purification and protection rituals. It is believed to attract love, positivity and peace
Roses are associated with psychic abilities and luck as well as self love and confidence. Amaranth flower is a symbol of immortality because it retains its freshness for a long time after being picked.

Moon Bath features a tumbled obsidian crystal and a familiar scent profile of grape, peach and plum with sparkling citrus, rose and musk. Our Bath Bombs boast the bestselling fragrances and simple ingredients that replenish moisture and soften dry skin.
Ingredients: Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Organic Coconut Oil, Phthalate Free Fragrance and/or Essential Oil, Blossoms and Biodegradable Sparkle.

This gift set will literally cleanse, indulge, energize & support the receiver's mind, body & soul, while giving her the energetic edge that only comes from using the power of crystals!

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