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Crystal Magic Crystal Infused Gift Set - Aquarius

Crystal Magic Crystal Infused Gift Set - Aquarius

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Gift yourself or loved one with the divine, uplifting, personalized power of crystals!

Gift Box includes:

  • Aquarius Crystal Set (Opal, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Labradorite)
  • Aquarius + Aquamarine Crystal Infused Perfume (22 ml)
  • Aquarius + Amethyst Crystal Infused Nail Polish (15 ml)
  • Aventurine & Clear Quartz Inspiration Pen-ergy Crystal Power Pen
  • Botanical Crystal Aquarius Candle (11 oz Hand Poured Soy)
  • Moon Bath Crystal Bath Bomb
  • Box of Matches

Rebellious by nature and sharp as a tack, she is the ultimate non-conformist, always looking to change the status quo. Unlike her light hearted Air Sign sisters, she is no gentle breeze. Swirling with brilliant ideas and carried by unconventional currents, she's a hurricane of independence impossible to predict. Expect her to fit the mold and she'll take it, flip it upside down, and then break it -- for her, there are no limitations. With a grand and humanitarian outlook on life, this quirky visionary is original in every sense of the word. She is AQUARIUS.

Enhance your divine Aquarius essence with this beautiful 8 pack of:

  • 2 opals
  • 2 amethyst
  • 2 aquamarines &
  • 2 labradorite
Each stone is labeled/identified with the intention: friendly - witty - loyal - intelligent - ingenious - innovative - complex - philosophic ... true bad bitch qualities!

Zodica Perfumery Aquarius zodiac perfume elevates with a sophisticated lightness. Sparkling citrus and florals contrasts with a spicy cardamom to reflect the maverick nature of this winter sign. Be uncommon with this air sign's free-spirited vibe.
Intention: MOXIE
Top: Verbena, Bergamot
Middle: Cardamom, Lily of the Valley
Bottom: White Fir, Sandalwood
Crystal Infused with Aquamarine, used through the ages to calm the overactive mind.

For the eccentric rebel of the zodiac, a metallic silver with a satin finish puts you in a class of your own. You never liked conformity anyways! This crystal-infused polish is formulated with Amethyst, a peace enhancing and balancing stone, to increase visionary Aquarius' clarity along with more adept problem solving. Amethyst allows receptivity to others' ideas, which opinionated Aquarius might not want to consider at first. Amethyst will allow Aquarius to examine all sides of a situation, letting them operate at their absolute best.
☾ Contains micronized Amethyst
☾ 5-free (no Formaldehyde/Resin, Toluene, DBP & Camphor)
☾ Vegan, cruelty free, made in the USA

Seeking to capture the natural beauty and power of crystals, PEN-ERGY CRYSTAL POWER PENS are filled with small, polished, natural crystals set with positive energy. These healing stones can be used to enhance all aspects of your life, as well as your writing.
Paired together, Aventurine & Clear Quartz encourage us to take in and appreciate every moment, see the world around us and feel gratitude for what we have. In opening up the Heart Chakra, positive vibrations are increased allowing inspiration and creativity to blossom. These stones grace the spirit with increased confidence which makes stepping out of your comfort zone a lot less scary. Your newfound positivity will draw good luck to you.
Connected with the Heart Chakra, these stones help you focus on and achieve your dreams and desires.

The candle is scented with Lavender Dreams, a herbaceous, aromatic and sweet lavender highlighted with golden amber, forest moss and exotic woods of smooth sandalwood, cedar and earthy patchouli to inspire confidence and increase the strength and courage of Aquarians. It is topped with amethyst crystals, herbs, and dried flowers. Amethyst crystal stone is to strengthen your intuition. As a stone of spirituality, Amethyst helps to deepen your connection to self. 

Moon Bath features a tumbled obsidian crystal and a familiar scent profile of grape, peach and plum with sparkling citrus, rose and musk. Our Bath Bombs boast the bestselling fragrances and simple ingredients that replenish moisture and soften dry skin.
Ingredients: Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Organic Coconut Oil, Phthalate Free Fragrance and/or Essential Oil, Blossoms and Biodegradable Sparkle.

This gift set will literally cleanse, indulge, energize & support the receiver's mind, body & soul, while giving her the energetic edge that only comes from using the power of crystals!
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