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Aquamarine Beauty Balm

Aquamarine Beauty Balm

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Experience the ultimate level of moisture and nourishment with our 100% vegan beauty balm. Our concentrated botanical formula combines deeply nourishing oils to give your skin a hydrated, supple, and radiant complexion. The bright, sky blue hue comes from the addition of blue tansy oil, which is rich in omega acids and vitamins that benefit your skin.

Not only does this balm provide intense hydration, but its emollient properties also create a protective barrier against environmental stressors. Your skin will stay moisturized and shielded throughout the day, maintaining its healthy glow.

Infused with Aquamarine crystals, this formula holds within it the essence of flowing water, bringing a sense of tranquility and serenity to your skincare routine. Aquamarine, known as the stone of eternal youth, mirrors the gentle nature of water and encourages you to explore your inner truths and the mystical aspects of reality. Its cooling properties make it particularly beneficial for addressing skin issues like eczema, psoriasis, and other inflammatory conditions, providing relief and promoting a healthier complexion

Designed to be used as an overnight sleeping mask, simply apply a thin layer of this nourishing balm to your entire face before bedtime. Wake up to soft, rejuvenated skin that feels refreshed and revitalized, and will stay hydrated though out the day ahead.

Delve deep into your soul and embrace the mystical connection between water and your own inner beauty. Rediscover the youthful vitality of your skin as you embark on a serene and rejuvenating skincare journey.

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