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Crystal Infused Nail Polish - Pisces + Fluorite

Crystal Infused Nail Polish - Pisces + Fluorite

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As the most ethereal of all the zodiac, you need a shade that's just as dreamy as the world you live in, Pisces. This means a soft pastel lilac that speaks to your intuitive, imaginative, and ever-evolving self. This crystal-infused polish is formulated with Fluorite, a balancing stone, to help Pisces with organization, concentration, and decisive action. Pisces may want to view the world through rose colored lenses, but Fluorite helps in dispelling any unrealistic expectations, illusions, or unhealthy habits.  Don't get caught up in the current, little fish!  This shade will suit anyone with a sun, moon, ascendant, or Venus (which rules beauty) in Pisces! Limited supply available.

☾ Contains micronized Fluorite
☾ 5-free (no Formaldehyde/Resin, Toluene, DBP & Camphor)
☾ Vegan, cruelty free, made in the USA

☾ Focus your intentions for the day and meditate with bottle in hand
☾ Shake bottle upside down vigorously (crystals tend to settle at bottom)
☾ For best results, apply 2 coats and seal with a clear top coat

Like wispy tendrils of gossamer, she brushes by like a daydream -- an ethereal being adrift in a sea of her own imagination. Romantic, intuitive, & highly creative, you'll frequently find her waxing poetic under the moonlight or playing with watercolors under the stars. True, her head is often in the clouds, but one must transcend to such heights to see all that remains unseen. As she gently flows with the river of life, she floats between this realm and the next, understanding the full spectrum of light and darkness that exists in between, uniting us all. She is PISCES.

About Mystic Mani

Mystic Mani is a special crystal-infused nail polish designed just for your zodiac sign that is 5-free, cruelty free, vegan, and made in the USA. Each sign has been matched up with a corresponding crystal that is actually micronized into a fine powder, and added to the polish itself, allowing you to take the healing properties of the stone with you wherever you go. A truly wonderful and unique gift for anyone that can't carry/wear crystals with them (yogis and yoga instructors), astrology-lovers, or nail polish enthusiasts.

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