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Zodiac Coffee - Libra

Zodiac Coffee - Libra

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The Judge Blend for Libra:

Medium-Dark Roast
Nutty, mild flavors with fruity hints throughout
Cocoa flavors give this a bold taste

A perfect blend of coffee beans from Latin America
Shade grown in the Central American rain forests and in volcanic soil near the Amazon rain forest.
Environmentally friendly washed processing and full sun dried for up to 7 days.
Grown in elevations of 5,000-6,000 feet

Libra and why it is a Match:

Libra start their day with this perfectly blended, well-balanced blend.
Mornings are for spending with company for coffee. Best friends and coffee are their ideal morning perk up!
Libras rule over law and justice. They will always try to do the right thing in any situation. Team players that will have your back!
They are true to themselves and love beauty! This Libra blend is a beautiful addition to their morning!

How it is Delivered:

Comes in a 12 oz. black stand up bag with degassing valve to ensure freshness!
Roast fresh to order
Get whole bean or standard grind option

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