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Blemish Magic

Blemish Magic

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Say goodbye to pesky blemishes with our potent spot treatment, infused with the enchanting essence of blue yarrow essential oil. Activate the magic by giving it a good shake, and let the unique blend of citrus, tea tree, and soothing essential oils work their wonders, reducing redness and diminishing blemishes.

To use, simply apply the treatment directly to the affected area as needed, whether as an overnight remedy or throughout the day. However, remember that it can be drying, so limit application to a maximum of four times daily for optimal results.

Infused with the energies of amethyst and rose quartz, this blend offers more than just a blemish treatment. Amethyst, a powerful and protective stone with a heightened spiritual vibration, acts as a natural tranquilizer, promoting healing, cleansing, and enhancing spiritual awareness.

Experience the transformative power of our Spot Treatment, and let the magic of crystals and essential oils bring forth clearer, healthier-looking skin, while uplifting your spirit on a deeper level.

10 ml
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